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How To Increase Engagement On Social Media

Social media engagement is very essential metric which cannot be avoided when planning to create an online store. Everyone wants to create a huge audience group however, people sometimes fail to increase their engagement on social media. With an active social media strategy, there are possibilities you can turn your followers into high value customers. Time spent on different social media platform to build relationship with audience can have a direct impact on sales figures and lead to more positive reviews.

Why Social Media engagement is required:

Engagement on social media with the audience helps you to create a powerful bonding with your customers. Social media helps you to know about the interest and behavior of your customer. When you share something on social media platform and your audience come back to you with their messages or suggestions, It is a great opportunity for you to build a strong bond with them.

To increase social media engagement you need to increase followers on your pages. The easiest, but expensive, way is through Paid advertising. The other way is to grow your followers organically i.e. by investing time and resources on your social media activities. This requires you to be active on your social media page and keep posting regularly, be in touch with your customers. People will start following you.

Other way to increase followers is association with other brands that cater to a similar kind of audience but they sell other kind of products.  This kind of an engagement can be mutually beneficial to both you and the other brand.

In the long run, simple steps taken to engage prospects/customers on social media help reap rich rewards. Some of the key things to do are:

Content Marketing:

To grow  social media engagement , you need to share something which can attract your audience like a video which people can relate to, an image or graphic that makes people laugh or some pictures of your product that encourage people to tag others. Also avoid posting about any sensitive issues which can touch a raw nerve and get you negative publicity.

Respond back on the comments:

You need to be very active in responding back to people, when you get a message or people leave comments for you. It’s an opportunity for you to talk with your followers, whether it is a positive or negative comment. It is a recommended practice to appreciate a positive comment and give a resolution on the negative comment.

Encourage people to comment/Like

When sharing any post, always add a call to action. Ask people to like, comment or share with friends.

Multiple posts in a day:

To grow engagement on social media you need to be regular to share something daily on your page. Average 3 post on each platform. Also try to find out what time your post is doing well and do a post daily at the same time. Too many posts should be avoided, It may result in a drop in interest

Join Relevant Groups and Communities:

Join groups and communities that are relevant to your product and services that you wish to market. Actively participate in discussions and be a brand ambassador for yourself.

Active use of Hash tags:  

Hash tag help you to connect with other people discussing about same topics or looking for some information. This helps you to extend your reach beyond your fix audience.

These are a few things which can act as a catalyst for firing up your social media engagement. For a free evaluation of your website and knowing other value added offerings from Digiwoos, please connect with