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8 Must-Have Apps for Construction Companies

Construction companies are the builders of the world. They create everything around us. But modern-day demands mean there is more burden on companies. They have to manage their tasks rigorously. This means that they need to have everything on the go.

If you are the owner of a construction company, you will never some useful apps to make your process smoother. In construction everything is so detailed oriented, everything needs inch-perfect collaboration. Therefore, you should read further, the following apps can really help your business.

Here are top eight must-have apps for construction companies.


JobFLEX is an app that estimates the cost of operations on the spot, in an instant and without any internet connection. Companies use it for bid management. JobFLEX gives you a competitive edge over your competitors when you can quickly and accurately create estimates for your customers.

You can drag and drop item costs. You can send the estimates to your customers via email, messages. Overall the app is brilliant.

Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is a safety app for construction workers – basically for everyone but is highly recommended for constructions. This is due to the dangers construction workers face. The app teaches you first-aid tips. Videos and texts are giving step-by-step instruction on fixing broken bones, resuscitating heart, sprain, strains and much more.


DroneDeploy will bring out the action hero in you. Being a contractor is sometimes a tedious job. It is anything but that. DroneDeploy helps you survey your sites with the help of 3D models. You can get measurements and other details for things such as distance, area, volume and more.


e-Builder is probably the best construction project management tool around. It provides you with the live dashboard where you can oversee the entire construction work for multiple construction sites. The tool’s biggest selling point is that it helps you reduce the cost of construction as well as management of the entire project.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT is mainly known for their range of power tools which tend to score highly in all the consumer tests. However, they’re also in the app marker, and the DEWALT mobile pro is makeup construction calculating app. The best part: it is on mobile so you can work on the site quickly. DEWALT has nine add-ons for calculations. You have to buy them. But they more than make up for it. Within a few taps, you can get accurate estimates and conversions.

TrueLook Photography

TrueLook Photography is a mobile app that connects with drones to take hi-resolution aerial photos of construction sites. Of course, drones are operated separately by professionals and photos are sent to the app where you can view, edit, comment and do other things with them.

Bridgit Closeout

Bridgit Closeout is a brilliant task management system where you can assign work, make notes and monitor the progress of your workers. It is a cloud-based management system so your data is everywhere with you. Bridgit will help you maximize proficiency.

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is a field management app that focuses on BIM (building information management). The app contains programs that help you with safety, construction, payments, and documentation. The primary purpose of this cloud computing app is reporting and data collection for the team. The notes, reports and data Autodesk provides you help you and your team make quick and efficient decisions on your site.

Hope these apps for construction companies make your life easier. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the topic feel free to connect with us.