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Reviews Can Play A Game Changer

We are in digital era now and when any one wants to buy anything, they try to find out reviews about the product/ service. In last couple of years online reviews popularity grown up very fast. Reviews play a game changing role today.  Reviews help people to make decisions whether they should buy the product or service.  In last few years reviews become very important part of business on internet.

More than 90% consumers check online reviews either it is for an education institute, Health related or some product, People are checking reviews for everything.

Old, Traditional mouth to mouth recommendation has been a powerful source of business referral and it exist today as well. However a layer has been added by internet for more information.

Having positive reviews can encourage customers to make frequent transactions to buy your product or services and help to increase business revenue whereas a negative review may damage your image which leads to hesitation to buy from the business. It also raises a question on the trustworthiness of a business and result as customer walks away.

Managing reviews:

One needs to be very vigilant to take advantage of reviews. You need to be prompt about what is being said about you and your business.

You need to keep an eye on reviews and respond proactively. Say Thanks and highlight positive reviews and for negative reviews, answer them with apologize and try to settle right things. You need to specially be very proactive about the negative reviews and should take as an opportunity. Answering a negative review and accepting the mistake also develop confidence in business and customers appreciate it.

Turning negative review as a positive result

Precaution: If you are selling any product or service, it’s always important to share enough information. Lack of information could be a cause of negative review and can be easily avoided with sharing enough information.

Don’t get panic: Negative and positive are a part of life. So don’t get panic on any negative review. Just take a deep breath and relax yourself. On the way of success few bumps will always come.

Timely response: As per a saying “Time is key” A negative review should be responded sooner than a positive review. Try to make information available, clear if any misunderstanding is there. There should always be a quick turnaround for negative reviews. It shows professionalism of your business.

Everyone cannot be pleased: some time people keep leaving negative reviews, no matter how you operate and communicate. Fact behind this is just like or dislike. This is not possible to make happy everyone, Keep doing your best.

Never hesitate to accept faults: When someone left any negative review. Try to find out the cause of this and never hesitate to accept if there is anything wrong happens from your end. Doesn’t matter if this was unintentional. This increase faith for you in consumers.

Response to a positive response:

Say Thanks: If anyone says something nice about your business, It would be a good manner to say thank for his words for you and he will get to know that their words are not unnoticed.

Add some marketing: Here the reply will be public and lots of people will read it and may be some future customers. It’s always good to inform about your new launched services/product.