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Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

The world is going Digital and so is Marketing. Almost every day we see a number of sites being launched with a vision to conquer the market but only a handful of them survive. Why does this happen? Why not all these websites make money?

The answer is simple – They don’t work on the Digital Marketing part of it that effectively. So to get the things rolling in the right direction here we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Tips to Boost your Website Traffic. Have a look:

1) Build SEO Strategy:-

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the first and foremost need of any website that is looking to earn money digitally. Build a strategy for the proper optimization of your website’s ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). The right strategy for your website’s SEO will boost your search engine ranking and thus be enhancing your chances to reach your potential customer base organically. While the latest trends in the market are more and more focused on the product information. So to begin with you can start with the optimization of product and services related keywords. SEO gives long-term results for any brand, hence it is worth investing.

2) Win Hearts with your Content:-

Google says Content is the King and rightly so. Top Marketers suggest The best way to reach more audience is to write engaging copies. Make sure if someone comes to your site once he remembers your name. Offer something unique that no one else has given him. Be it free resources, How to do videos or maybe a brand new tool. The more time the user spends on your website becomes the measure of your content which results in higher rankings.

Always remember content plays a vital role in the proper making of a brand. Hence the content selection should be very keenly decided so as to promote the content vitally. It should express very intricate details about your products and services. Content Marketing makes sure you get eyeballs in the form of natural links to your website. The links will then serve as a channel for the passage of the robots to your website.

3) Focus on Visual Information:-

Continuing from the last point regarding the importance of content one must keep in mind the type of content to distribute and its audience. Not all content is engaging in 2018. People love information that is presented in the form of small nuggets.

Yes, we are talking about Visual Content. Visual content is like an accelerator, it enhances the expression of the content for your business. The best way to give an enhancing content is to give infographics, high-quality images, and videos that are informative in nature.

4) Keep Simple Navigational Structure:-

The navigational structure of a website defines the user flow of the audience. The best navigational structure is the simplest one, which eases the users work. Users are more likely to surf that website which is easy to navigate and surf. The idea is to have more engagement of the audience with the data rather than the flow of the users.

5) Internal Linking is a must:-

Internal linking should be done very effectively, so as to bind each and every webpage with themselves. This increases the likeability of the robots to crawl each and every webpage of the website. The more the crawling of the webpage, the more content gets indexed in the search engine. So, the updated content gets a higher chance of being visible in the SERP results.

6) Work on your Website Analytics:-

Every website has an analytical structure which is generated when the users navigate the website. So follow the user flow of your audience so as to find out what path the bulk audience is following. Have a keen look at the path that will be helpful in the future to trace the user results. Hence it will give you the way to filter out the conversion rate for your business. It will help to map your growth rate for the coming years. To learn more about the SEO field or be it any other field related to Digital Marketing you can join any Digital Marketing Training Institute located in your city to get trained by the best Digital Marketing Experts.

7) Take care of your Page Speed & AMP:-

Page load speed plays an important role in the ranking of your website. So less the page load speed of your website the more likely the website ranking is to go up. The robots prefer the website which takes less time to load. According to the reports users also prefer that website which uploads in less than 2-3 second. This is a very important factor is the discussion of the user navigation. The concept of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is also very important as the pages which load in the desktop version quickly can also load very effectively in the mobile version of the website also. This is a very important factor which should be kept in mind as around 40% of all the internet users are mobile users.

8) Make Backlinks to your website:-

Make backlinks to your website so as to make the complex network structure with the other websites on the internet. The more the quality backlinks of your website the more is the complex web of your website. So the chances of the robots are more likely to come on your website from different channels. This is the utility which is created in the long run of your website’s life. Companies like Digiwoos, Rankfrog, SEOValley suggest clients to go for link building strategies. This gives immense data collection points to the robots to collect the data from your website and thus to rank them in the search engines.

9) Use FAQ’s on your website:-

Use FAQ’s on your website, these FAQ’s will increase the user engagement rate of your website. So as to have a higher CTR for your website, FAQ’s can contain intricate details about your product and services. These can be very helpful like these FAQ’s can contain the targeted keywords for your business.

10) Focus on your Conversion Goals:-

This goal-conversion would prove very helpful in the long run of your business. This was all but just a glimpse into the extremely vast world of Digital Tips. Also, you can consider hiring a Digital Marketing agency like Digiwoos in case you don’t have time to do all this stuff on your own. Because ROIs do matter!

Hope these Top 10 Tips will help you in generating more traffic for your online business. Leave a comment if you feel we missed out on anything. Queries, Suggestions, and Questions are all welcome!