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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: What is Email marketing and how this helps

By definition, email marketing is use of email to promote your product and services to people.

At Digiwoos, we believe in using the power of email to not just promote the product but to develop relationships with potential customers. We strategize it in a manner where the customers feel that the email is personalized to cater his needs.

How it helps?

Email marketing encompasses the internet marketing via social media, websites, blogs etc. It is an essential marketing strategy to keep the customers informed of your organization’s progress and to keep them abreast of any offers you may plan to run in the near future.

One of the major benefits of Email marketing is its ease. Email marketing is the most inexpensive way of marketing your products. The technological advancement in the emails today have only increased the benefit of genuine marketers.

At Digiwoos, we build the information database through various sources like the visitors on your website, people who have engaged with the brand on social media, people who have been sharing information on the blogs. Based on this information, we create personalize newsletters for different audience groups.

In the rapid age of social media, email marketing is still relevant and below facts prove it.

94% of the users still prefer email.
75% of the adult online users say that email marketing is still their preferred marketing method.
The opt-in feature of email signifies consent to receive marketing newsletters. This means that the user is expecting marketing emails in his inbox.