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Google Adwords

Google AdWords

Google is often the first stop for users to search about anything in the world. The search queries are exponentially increasing every hour, making Google the home of the world’s largest database. Currently, Google holds about all the information for a given user. From where he lives to what he eats and how he sleeps, Google has it all through his sundry of applications, smart devices and various partnerships with data providers should the user tries to walk out of Google ecosystem. Google is now using it for show ads to these users based on their interests.

Every search query starts with a keyword. It is this keyword through which a brand can reach out to the users effectively and determine the interest level of the user. Google AdWords allows you to target ads on Search pages, Display ad at the top of the Search Pages, Video ads on YouTube and in-App ads.

Having said that, it is not simple to tap into the massive repository of Google Keywords and run the ads. The most searched keywords list keeps on updating at regular intervals. Internet is expanding and its user base is becoming more diverse.

We at Digiwoos, keep a close eye on the current trends, the user engagement levels and how it affects the advertising world. We also understand the requirement of the brands and the category of users they would want to attract.

We follow a structural process to identify the strength of the campaign and its potential on multiple advertising channel. We then collate the data to find the pattern and enhance the process to ensure the correct users know about the brands and its products.